Natalia Slattery and Leah O’Gorman
Documentation of Performance
Wooden platform, table, shelf, 2 chairs, photographs, video, 2 sets of identical overalls, 2 sets of identical pajamas, 2 identical sweatshirts, 2 thought information sheets, 2 signed contracts of participation, 1 daily journal, ipod with headphones.

Compromised┬áis a collaborative performance exploring friendship, relationships, and the distance between individuals. The artists set out with the intention of “becoming each other” through a set of several exercises. The artists attempted to learn how to walk like one another, talk like one another, and think like one another. They traded clothing for a day and took quizzes to test their knowledge of one another. They spent 6 hours within 6 inches of each other. Finally, the artists entered a contract to spend 4 days within 8 feet of each other. They agreed to dress and eat identically, and to remain present in the experience of togetherness.