Owe You One

MNM Collaborative (Matia Jones, Natalia Slattery, Michael Delgado)
Wood, metal, large textured painting, wall drawing, video, hair ties, pens, tupperware, plastic wrap, lipstick, hair.
Presented at Stella Elkins Tyler Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.

Owe You One is a show devised by MNM collaborative exploring the dynamics of stealing and borrowing. Individual sculptures act as monuments to objects which are frequently taken, intentionally or accidentally, and which confuse interpersonal relations through their ubiquity. A video of women passing unidentified objects to each other creates an alleyway through which the viewer walks before entering the vaguely commercial space. A motion activated doorbell dings as the viewer enters, though the source of the sound is undetectable. The viewer encounters several objects, each holding an everyday item. A counter displays pens, while hair ties are tangled in a net of hair, and Tupperware sits on fragile plastic wrap shelves. A large painting leans against the wall, with dramatic texture and a bodily pink color that seem to reference multiple historical art movements at once. A wall drawing reminiscent of Sol Lewitt acts as an accent, while the opposite bright yellow wall cast a cheerful yet sickly tone over the room. The viewer is left to draw connections between seemingly disparate objects in a space which is neither store nor gallery.

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